I will be back on phone distribution this week

Warm Up
Double Block Run
Log Your Time

WOD 12
100 Stiff Legged Double Dumbbell Romainian Deadifts
100 Dumbell Deficit Push Ups
50 Singe Arm Dumbell Rows each arm on Bench

150 Side Delt Raises (T’s just go to shoulder height) control your movement


45 Minute Weighted Ruck
Weighted Backpacks
available in Garage
Log Distances on Board upon return

What is a ruck walk?
Rucking is Simply Walking with Weight. … You wear a backpack (or better yet a rucksack), walk, it’s a fitness thing. And you’re already doing it. Hiking is rucking in the mountains and urban hiking is simply called ruckingRucking exercises can be done at any weight.


Warm Up
3 Sets
30 Second Dead Hang (hang from Pull up Bar)
20 Air Squats

WOD- 18min EMOM
Min 1 – Weighted wall sit 45 Seconds
Min 2 – 15 Burpees
Min 3 – 20 Chest supported Rows

Hypo Pairing
150 Standing Calf Raises with a dumbbell in each hand
Toes In, Toes Out, Toes Forward Switch every 10 reps

2 Sets


Warm Up
Double Block Lap
Log Time

5 Rounds
Min1 – 30 Sit Ups (might have to cut the sit ups to 20)
Min2 – 12 Dumbbell Strict Press (same as push press but only use upper body)
Min3 – 15 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans (see 6/22)

Hypo Pairing
Alternating Hammer Curls Pyramid
Start with a light weight for 15 alternating reps then continue
to add weight for sets of 15 each arm to failure. Then go back down to
the lightest weight.


Warm up
10 Minutes EMOM (every minute on the minute)
5 Push Ups
10 Sit Ups
15 Air Squats

5 Rounds for time
All Reps un broken within the rounds
12 Double arm dumbbell deadlifts
9 Dumbbell Hanging Power cleans
6 Dumbbell push Press

Hypo Pairing
3 Sets of IYTs
Try to do each set unbroken


Warm Up
Block Run Log Your Time

WOD-12 Min AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

of the following:
30 Alternating Renegade Rows (15 each arm)
30 Air Squats
30 Alternating Dumbbell Step ups (15 each leg)

Hypo Pairing
3 Sets of the following
15 Heavy reps of Dumbbell Bench Press
immediately followed by
30 Dumbbell reps at half the weight
rest 2 Minutes between sets


Carmichael Crew
Hope you had a good weekend.
Today is a travel day.
When you get home go for a walk and stretch out.

If you absolutely want to do a workout here you go.
We did this on Friday

75 Dumbbell Man Makers

Hypo Pairing4 Minute Tabata (set your
Tabata clock for 4 minutes which equals
8 rounds of the following:
20 seconds of Dumbbell Bench
10 Seconds Rest
Rest with Dumbbells in locked Out position

2 Sets


Warm Up
1 Mile odd object Carry 20-50 lbs

15 Minute EMOM
Min 1 – 30 Sit Ups
Min 2 – 12 Dumbell Strict Press
Min 3 – 15 Hang Dumbell Power Snatches

Hypo Pairing
Alternating Hammer Curl Pyramid
Start with 15 (ea arm) with a light weight
Add weight until failure after each 15.
Then Move back down the weight pyramid


Warm Up
1600m odd object carry 20-50lbs
Happy Birthday Kimmie

5 Rounds for Time
12 Double Arm KB Dumbell Dead Lifts
09 KB Power Cleans
06 KB Push Press

Hypo Pairing
1-3 Sets you choose
11 Y’s
11 T’s
11 I’s
33 reps Total in order un broken