Warm Up
5k Walk- Walk like you need to be somewhere

for time
10 Meter Shuttle sprint
10 Burpees
10 Meter Shuttle Sprint
9 Burpees
10 Meter Shuttle Sprint
8 Burpees
Repeat until you are finished at 1 burpee

Wash Hands – Take a Shower – Eat – Log results


Warm Up

5 Rounds
100′ Bear Crawl
100′ Standing Broad Jump
If you have a weight vest wear it
do 3 Burpees after every 5 Broad Jumps
Modification – 50′ Bear Crawl and 50′ Broad Jump and no vest or burpees

Wash Hands – Take a shower – Eat – Log results


Warm Up

200m Walking Lunge
Start your clock
workout begins with 10 push ups
move directly into your walking lunge.
at the top of every minute do 10 Push Ups
The workout is complete when you finish 200m
of lunges.

Wash Your Hands – Take A shower – Eat – Log Results