Friday May 30, 2014

Warm Up
3 Rounds:
10 Ninja Roll Ups
10 Push Press
20 Sit Ups

Snatch Complex x2
Choose your Nemesis 3×10

WOD – The Chipper
200 Jumprope or 100 Double Unders
50 Mountain climbers (both legs =1)
50 Push Press 65/45
50 KettleBell Dead Lift
50 Broad Jumps
400m Sprint

Wednesday May 28, 2014

Learn a new Skill Today
Then Practice
Here you go


Warm Up
Run an 800m

WOD – “Fight Gone Bad”
Seniors will Fight as others look on.
Not Sure if that reads right but
my amazing seniors know what I mean.

Thank you for a great year seniors.  I hope you will join us tomorrow for
a swimming workout the day after your final.