CrossFit Del Campo

Crossfit Del Campo is a Public High School Facility dedicated to the future of our community.  We are a non profit box style gym that has a goal of educating students, staff, alumni, and our surrounding community about the general needs of fitness.  This page will hold both daily workouts (WODS) as well as  discussions about fitness from all angles.  We at CrossFit Del Campo believe that by creating a healthy and safe environment we can create more productive generations in our society for the years to come.  The goal at CrossFit Del Campo is to provide people with a positive non-intimidating environment to make themselves more physically fit. People of all fitness levels are encouraged to come try the facility. The whole point is to better oneself.  As long as you are willing to push yourself-to do one more rep, to go one second faster, to do better-we will work with you. We highly encourage people to write down their personal fitness goals. Goals that are written are much more likely to be attained.   Welcome to the future of High School Strength and Conditioning.

CrossFit Del Campo Philosophy:

“We implore you to check your ego at the door, give 100 percent and get to know your fellow cougars. Our goal for you is to thrive, not just survive, at all aspects in your life, from nutrition and fitness to everyday life. Our classroom is our home; we treat it as our own and care for it as such. Our classes are our family, and we treat the athletes, coaches and visitors likewise, creating an environment that breeds confidence, fun and dedication.”

CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

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Joe Ellis
CrossFit Del Campo Founder/Instructor
CF Kids
CF Olympic Lifting
CF Football
CPR/First Aid
Swiftwater Rescue 1

4925 Dewey Drive
Fair Oaks, CA

Documents For Class
PE Doctor’s List

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