Friday March 22, 2013

Warm Up
With PE1 and 2 In the Gym
Line up in Alpa order nearest the Boys Lockerroom

Cardio – Single or Double 8 (you should all be finish in the Front

DC Challenge – Participate.  Be Kind, Be Curtious, Be Helpful

Enjoy the Break!

Dont be Lazy

WOD Shop – If you want to Workout over the

break this is your spot to get WODS.

Monday and Tuesday March 18 and 19, 2013

Khalipa’s Hotel WOD’s – WODS on the Go…..Check it out. No Excuses!

Warm Up – Day 1
800m Run
15 Burpees

American Swings 3×20
Snatch 5×5

Warm Up – Day 2
2 Rounds:
12 Box Jumps
10 Pull Ups
400m sprint

Thruster 3×20
Pull Ups max reps……..twice

Fitness Testing
Complete the following tests over the next 2 days:

–  Height
–  Weight
–  Bench
–  Vertical Jump
–  Strict Press
–  Overhead Squat
–  400m Sprint
–  Medball Throw
–  Standing Broad Jump
Log your results in your notebook and with the TA’s. 
Feel free to Post Progress on the Site.

Thursday and Friday March 14-15, 2013

Warm Up
800m run
15 Burpees

Move under the clock to weight for further directions.
Stretch as you wait.
Get Loose.
Get Ready.

Del Campo Fight Gone Bad
3 Rounds:

1 min Push Press (count every rep)
1 min Box Jumps (count every rep)
1 min SDLHP (count every rep)
1 min Jump Rope (every 10 reps is 1)
1 min Ball Slams (count every rep)
1 min Rest



Wednesday March 13, 2013

Warm Up
1200m Run

  • All Make Ups and Binders are due today
  • Practice Lifts involved with the Final

    Del Campo Fight Gone Bad


Male   Female
Exercise Weight   Exercise Weight
Push Press 65 lbs Push Press 45 lbs
Box Jump 24″ Box Box Jump 24″ Box
SDLHP 26 Kg SDLHP 20 kg
Jump Rope Body Weight Jump Rope Body Weight
Throw Downs 20 lbs. Throw Downs 16 lbs.
Push Press   – Elbows must lock over head, ears showing in front of arms.
Box Jump – Each jump should land   both feet all the way on box.
Once   on box a student must straighten the legs until knees are locked out.
Student   must step down to complete the rep.  No   one is allowed to hold the box in place.
SDLHP (standing deadlift high pull)-   A student must pull the bell with 2 hands   all the
 way up to touch the chin, knees locked   out.  The bell must touch the  the ground to
 complete a rep.
Jump Rope– 10 revolutions equals a   repetition
Throw Downs–  Ball must come to Forhead height and back   down to the ground.  Back
 must be vertical when ball is overhead.  Legs must lock out at the top
360 – 6            
300 – 5            
240 – 4            
180 – 3            
120- 2            
60 – 1            
Below 60 -0