Thursday November 6, 2014

Warm Up
15 American Swings
10 Pistols
5 Ninja Roll Ups

Clean and Jerk 3×20

On the minute Ever Minute
Until Completed
5 Burpees at the top of each minute
then finish each minute with Thrusters
until 100 Thrusters are completed

The hardest WOD of all?If there’s a common thread from Foucher to Spealler’s(2 crossfit legends) comments, it is the savagery of the hero WODs. The routines, designed and named to honour those killed in the line of duty, are by their nature intended to test even the most elite CrossFitters.So it should be no surprise that one hero workout comes up again and again when discussions arise about the hardest WOD of all. Jump on the CrossFit forums, and there are a number of threads devoted to a specific workout that is particularly vicious. It is a WOD about which former strongman and all-round beast Rob Orlando posted, “I’m more proud of that time than almost any other WOD I’ve ever done.”The workout in question is Kalsu. Like so many of the nastiest workouts, it sounds simple: do five burpees then max rep thrusters on the minute, with a goal of completing 100 thrusters in total. Simple in structure maybe, but even on paper it is clearly one to separate the men from the boys.The workout itself was first programmed in 2010 by the guys at CrossFit Football. It honours fallen soldier Bob Kalsu, a former American pro footballer killed in action in Vietnam in 1970. Kalsu also gave his name to Forward Operating Base Kalsu, a US military facility in Iraq that was in operation from 2003 to 2011.Luke from CrossFit Football tells the Rx Review that the workout came about from a brainstorm between the program’s founder, John Welbourn, and Andy Stumpf, a former Navy seal who works for CrossFit HQ. It has since ascended to an almost mythic status among diehard CrossFitters. Examining comments everywhere from the thread on the CrossFit Football site to the mainsite community by way of dozens forums of individual affiliates, the internet is littered with Kalsu carnage.Descriptions of the workout include “humbling”, “beastly”, “sinister” and “life-changing”. It is best summarised by one user on the CrossFit Football forum, who says he did a scaled version of Kalsu at the Iraq military base that shares the fallen solder’s name. He dubbed the experience “soul crushing”.

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