You May wear anything school appropriate
to the final.  Dress comfortable and
dress for a great workout!

Warm Up

WOD – Fight Gone Bad
3 Rounds
1min Push Press 65/45
1min Box jumps 24″/20
1 min SDLHP 24/20
1 min Ball Slams 20/12
1 min Jump Rope (every 10 revolutions = 1 rep)
1 min Rest

300 Reps Total =5pts (10%of your grade
The way you find your 1-5 score is by using the following math
Your Score/300×5= 1-5 score
Log your score on the board and do your Math for Ms. Marx and tell her your score
Your Group will be picked for you.  Don’t Argue!  Get it Done.  Try to no rep your partner.  Have Fun!!