Welcome Back

Welcome back students,alumni, and Staff I am looking forward to a very productive year.  Once again things are changing.  We have now taken on the Title of CrossFit Del Campo.  With a Level one certification under my belt I am happy to extend this knowledge as a non profit CrossFit Gym.  I look forward to sharing this program and passion with the rest of you.  Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions as you feel necessary.  This year is going to be full of fun and hard work. 
This program will take a look into fitness as you have never seen it before.  We will again be participating in or 2nd Annual Del Campo’s Fittest Person Competition in the spring, and will possibly be opening more sections into this life changing fittness program.  We are here to make fittness fun, not a punishment, though it will not always feel that way, we will be taking this jouney together.
I Welcome you all to CrossFit Del Campo